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Sell 2 Us: Welcome


417 Books is always looking to buy great collections of books. We especially look for vintage and antiquarian books, signed and collectable books, and lifetime and institutional collections.

While we prefer to buy entire collections at one time we also will buy individual or small numbers of books that will fit our current selection of title we feel our customer base will buy from us. This generally means books ranked in the top 500k on Amazon's sales rank charts, or books of higher than average resale value. Please use the form below to reach out to us about selling your books or to make an appointment.

Without an appointment, you may bring up to 10 books to the store at anytime and we will pay cash on the spot for any books we feel we can sell.

What we do not buy: Mass-market paperbacks, general encyclopedias or other general reference books, popular fiction more than a few years old, Bibles (unless printed prior to 1900), or textbooks. We do not purchase children's books with markings, damage, or names written in them. We will not accept any Scholastic book fair paperbacks. 

We also screen books for condition. With few exceptions, books must be in Very Good condition or better. All hardcovers must have a DJ if it was issued with one.  

The amount paid for your books depends on the quality, quantity, and demand for the books being sold, but you can expect to get between 25-35% of our retail price. If you are interested in trading in your books, we offer an additional 50% more in trade credit based on the cash value of the books you bring. If you bring us 10 books worth $30 in cash, you could opt to receive $45 in in-store trade credit. All trade credit expires after one year of inactivity.

Sell 2 Us: Store Policies


Tells us what you have to sell

Please use the comments are below to describe the type, quantity, and location of the books you are interested in selling. Generally, we do not recommend hauling books to us without first contacting us here. If you want to bring them by the store, please limit it to the best 10 books (or 10 books that best represent your collection) at one time.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Sell 2 Us: Feedback Form
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